Hello my Fit Friends!!

I am writing this blog to give some background on the keto diet.

I know it’s tempting, like all the other diets that make promises. I have done them all, including serious calorie restriction. Cabbage soup, Atkins, WW, carnivore…. If your wouldn’t advise your kids to eat restricted, or on a diet, why would you compromise your health for temporary fat loss?

Fatloss is best tackled through blood sugar stabilization and PFC in the right amounts.

My mentor Mark Macdonald founded Venice Nutrition in Venice Beach (the Mecca of bodybuilding) in 1997. If you’ve seen footage from Venice Beach back in the day, you know what this means. He built his clientele sharpening the skills of these already fit athletes, by utilizing PFC, blood sugar stabilization.

If a program works for the most fined tuned metabolisms, it will work for ALL goal types.

My post today and sharing this isn’t about bashing your current choices, but offering some hope for a solid plan. I also need to expose the physiological challenges with Keto. If we don’t counter the madness, desperate people who lack the real science will be misled into hurting their Metabolism and sucked down the “dieting rabbit hole” even more. This will make things a real challenge when you look to get healthy the right way…trust me.

So here are the 4 Main reason you should never do Keto and please share these reasons with your friends:

✅ Keto was ONLY created in a hospital environment for kids who couldn’t process glucose for fuel and people who suffered from epilepsy. (1930s) It’s a nutrition philosophy for medical challenges, not a lifestyle

✅ Keto removes Carbohydrates – 1 of the 3 Essential Macronutrients your body needs to survive. From your first breath your body is designed to utilize glucose to make ATP (your body’s fuel). This removal of carbs forces your body to survive and shift to Ketosis, which is a secondary fuel system your body has in times of desperation – Once again – NOT how your body wants to be fueled

✅ Keto is NOT better for Diabetes & Insulin Resistance. Once again misinformation – Low Quality and Processed carbs cause blood sugar spikes, BUT High Quality Carbs (fruits, veggies and fiber rich grains) combined with a balance of protein and fat stabilizes your blood sugar and creates internal homeostasis in your body. This is why Quality PFC Every 3 is 100% the best for blood sugar balance

✅ If Keto is so good, then why wouldn’t I raise my kid athletes on Keto? Both my kids got through their childhood without being overweight, feeling deprived, and performing to their fullest in their studies and sports. A Nutrition program must be a lifestyle for an entire family – Not a FAD designed to deprive your body to lose weight the so called “easy” way.

It’s only “easy” till the carb cravings and low blood sugar attacks kick in and the massive rebound comes…again, trust me!

I could keep going on, but just wanted to share some facts today. I am so proud to work with Mark and be part of this global movement…it’s about changing how the world 🌎 looks at food and empower everyone with the knowledge to Master Their Metabolism.

Tons of love and massive hugs! 💗💪🏻