People who have known me for awhile have realized that I am drawn to betterment, fascinated by human motivation, and am still in awe by what makes people finally take action. I myself have been in need of encouragement at times, but I always go and find it…I cannot stand to dwell in being uncomfortable. Others I know are almost “at home” with acceptance and making excuses. They aren’t really happy, they just don’t really know much different. In fact if someone could, as my kids say: teleport themselves into “fit and healthy and happy” for just a day…they might feel very very different.

There is so much information around us about how we “should or shouldn’t” behave or treat ourselves or which habits we should keep. I think we inherently know. As Bill Phillips refers to our higher selves and our higher habits, which are the very behaviors that keep us light, healthy, active, strong, and productive there are, too the lower selves and the lower habits that keep us down, overweight, groggy and unproductive.

I have been almost obsessed with this thinking and behavior since I found out how to feel so good that I have been almost crazy about it…as my fiance says “don’t you think about anything else”? Sure I do…but that morning workout sets up my day…and I can’t help think about where to get more of it ???? So I came up with this lifestyle name for myself of fitLOCA…but…wait for it…LOCA also stands for Living Optimally, Creating Awesomeness. Not only can one live their life focused on their health and how their health impacts their life, but by living at their optimum level, they will be at their most productive and CREATING AWESOMENESS!!! Don’t you love it?