Yes that’s right. I said it. Who cares?

Why do we constantly care about what other people think?  I mean, it is human nature to want to be wanted, adored, and even envied sometimes (you little devil!) However, will it get us where we want to go?

If we don’t have the latest and greatest clothes? If we don’t wear the latest trendy lipstick? If we can’t brag about getting a new car? If we can’t brag that we are following the latest (stupid) diet craze or that we just bought a whole new workout wardrobe? Or that we just fit into our little size 4s?  Who the fuck cares?  Really?

Studies show that unhappiness is often related to caring about what other people think.  Hmmmmm. Think about that for a second. What if you stopped caring? Particularly about your fitness and fat loss goals.  You cannot get any more fit in record time than physics allows.  You cannot lose 10 pounds of fat in 5 daysYou cannot bench press 215 pounds by lifting for a week. You cannot run a marathon at an admirable pace by training for 10 daysYou cannot get into “scorpion” after one yoga class.  Things that matter take time (and the bonus is you build some serious character along the way) So why do we put soooo much pressure on ourselves?  Sheesh. Give a girl a break!

We are making progress at OUR pace.  For us. Because we want it.  And who wants it for us more than we want it for ourselves? No one.  That misses the point completely!  If someone wants it more than you do for yourself, then it isn’t your goal.  And so what if you are still wearing your size 16’s…are you working on it every day?  Are you taking steps toward your goal? Are you asking questions, holding others accountable when they ask and asking for accountability in return?  You’re a goddess. Amazing. Beautiful.

Every single day we are changing.  Are you purposefully making progress or continuously having a case of the “fuck-its”? It’s totally in your court, girl.

You’ll never regret doing the right thing for you.
It might not be easy. Your friends and family might not “get it.”
But you’ll never regret doing the right thing for you.
On the other hand, you’ll always regret not doing it because you were worried what others might think.- Jordan Syatt


Honestly…mindset is so fickle.  Stay on track, stick with your goals, work toward them every day.  You’ll get there in no time and wonder why in the world you cared what anyone else thought about your journey.