Are you toying around with the idea of Intermittent Fasting?  It seems the topic comes up every time someone brings up dieting or fatloss.  What do you think?  Are you intimidated by it?  Curious about it?  This blog may help.

In the previous blog I broke down the physiological benefits.  This post talks about what YOU can expect to experience.

I do a 16:8 fast most days…95% of the time.  So this is the protocol I will be referring to from my experience.

I like to start my fast after dinner and fast until about 12pm or 1pm the next day.  This window is easiest for me since we eat as a family and most social events are in the evening.

The first cool thing is that I can move that window.  If I have a work meeting or a family brunch, I can move the fast/feast window to match my needs.  Do you ever get tired of explaining your “new eating plan” or “diet”?  You really don’t have to…no one needs to know.

Next is I get a big feeling of clarity.  My brain is working overtime.  Thoughts and words come quicker, I don’t feel foggy like I do when I eat every 3 hours (the traditional body building diet) and therefore my anxiety is reduced (ever sit and wonder “what was it I wanted to say”??)

Energy!  I get whooshes of energy during the second half of my fasting window.

More time!  I don’t have to plan or prep or worry about only but a couple of meals per day.

Bloating be gone…my tummy is flatter!

Skin is clearer!  The redness is faded, the fine lines seem a bit “perkier”, and I think my face looks less tired.

Better sleep! When I sleep it is a good heavy sleep and I wake up ready for the day.

Overall energy is consistent.  No peaks and valleys or ebbs and flows…no 3pm slump!

Productivity!  You have the energy to keep moving, your mind is not preoccupied with what to eat, and you also aren’t taking time out to eat.

You get in touch with your body.  Is that really hunger? Or am I thirsty or bored?

Cravings diminish!  Have you noticed that however you start eating in the morning is what you crave the rest of the day?  Think: donuts…you want cake, candy, pastries thereafter. Then think: eggs and sautéed kale…you are wanting healthier choices, am I right?  Fasting resets your appetite.

I feel stronger!  I have increased the weight on my bench press, deadlift, and squat quicker than I did when I was eating all day.

For many centuries, people have fasted.  It may not be for everyone, but it is definitely NOT new.  Hippocrates (father of medicine) was known to say “Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine” and he also taught people to fast in order to heal their bodies in times of illness.

So whether you are curious about reduced cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, etc risks,  plus increased insulin sensitivity, efficient body processes, and improved liver function and cholesterol profile OR you are looking for more energy, better sleep, dropping fat, diet flexibility, and more manageable appetite…Intermittent Fasting may be worth a try.  And I am happy to answer any questions you may have!  Just drop me a line.