People often say to me “Okay, I’m ready to make some changes…I’ll pay you to give me my plan”

I really admire that gumption–I do. But a couple of things have to happen before you just jump in.  Look at where you are starting from…look at your body composition, muscle tone, body fat, strength and flexibility, and body weight.  Look at your moods and sleeping patterns and quality of sleep.  Look at your reasons for wanting to eat clean and exercise…did you see a great pair of jeans or do you see a bigger, deeper reason ahead? (not that a great pair of jeans isn’t a kickin’ cherry on top, but let’s be honest, it’s not a lot of skin in the game for some of these kinds of changes).

Next, what are your eating habits like? What are you absolutely NOT ready to give up? Or are you ready to make some changes no matter what?  Are you willing to grab an accountability buddy or do you want to hire a coach? Studies show that any changes are more likely to stick with the help of SOMEONE…so even if you get someone to allow you to check in with them, it may be all you need.  You may have to move your schedule around for a few extra minutes (yes, just minutes…didn’t you see the time-saving theme of this website? ;)) for meals or workouts…are you committed to that?

Before you jump in with both feet, set yourself up for success, not a let down.