Don’t you laugh every time you see a title like this?

“Follow me on IG! Follow me on SnapChat! I’m the only online trainer who has the answer…keto! Cleanses! Juicing! Vegan! Low Carb! Paleo! Give up sugar! Gluten free!” Whew….

I am totally dizzy trying to stay on top of what the “latest and greatest” is, because at the end of the “latest and greatest” are still hundred and thousands of people still discontented, disenchanted, many dollars short, and still overweight.  What I am trying to say is those shiny objects are never going to be the answer because they all exist to instill fear and dogma, a belief system that encourages you to spend your money, change your food rules, and deny yourself meals that make you happy.  You CAN still eat your mom’s lasagna, that favorite chocolate candy on Valentines Day, or bread pudding during Christmas…even pizza at Super Bowl…hahahahaFat loss will ALWAYS depend on calories.

It’s not very glamorous, or sexy.  But it’s the truth.  I vowed to always bring you real information, no B.S.  So here it is.

In order to drop fat, you need to take a calorie deficit.  Abruptly cutting big calories doesn’t work, and cutting whole food groups doesn’t work.  Neither does denial.  Let me explain…

When you are cutting a few calories in order to lose fat, you have to stay CONSISTENT.  And consistency will only work if you aren’t hungry, deprived, or not satiated.  I know, I have tried in my many years of putting myself on stupid diets.

Soooooo what we do is take your body weight and multiply it times 10.  This will be your daily calories.  Then take your bodyweight and multiply it times 1.  This is your grams of protein per day.  Where the freedom comes in (and help to stay CONSISTENT) for you is what to eat for your total daily calories outside of getting in all your protein grams.

EXAMPLE:  150# person needs 1500 calories to take a daily moderate deficit. She also needs 150 grams of protein.  She can divide that up however she would like. 150 grams of protein=600 calories…she still has 900 calories to work with!  This can be grains, veggies, fats….even dessert.  You will figure out what makes you feel your optimum for energy, pooping regularly, sleeping regularly, and staying satiated, beyond just the amount of protein built in.  THIS is the beauty of knowing that all you need is a deficit.

I know from lots of experimenting that when I eat to cut back I am at 1350 calories.  135 grams are protein, that leaves me 810 calories to play with. Normally that is lots of veggies, some fruits, and grains before or after workouts.  But because I love to eat, I keep my meals spread throughout the day and have 200-300 calorie meals.  You COULD have just two 675 calorie meals, as long as you included your ample 67.5 grams of protein…or even a slice of cake if you didn’t want to miss out on a birthday celebration.  But you need to track it if you want results.

And maintenance?  Yep…same idea, just 12 x your weight.  I need 1620 cal for maintenance.  You won’t need to track calories forever, because once you get the hang of what your daily intake looks like, it won’t be necessary. Play around, let me know how it’s going and you can always email me questions!

Good luck out there! XXOO