Your Personal Blueprint


This is like nothing you have seen before, because it is YOUR PERSONAL FITNESS BLUEPRINT.  Why are trainers and marketers still selling dogma when they can work with your current routine and triple your results?!


This is unlike anything I have offered before.

The reasons why we quit “programs” are: they keep us in denial of our favorite foods, they force us to change every thing we know all at once, they squish us into scheduling molds we can’t uphold, and they make us feel ashamed when we get derailed.  ENOUGH!

Not every new shiny, fancy plan is for everyone, wouldn’t you agree?  So this is what this plan is all about:

You and I sit and chit-chat and have an open talk about what you want, what has worked, what you need in a coach. We come up with what new habits we can master, and how successful you can be with these individualized goals.  THEN the PERSONALIZED BLUEPRINT will be born!  I will design a fat loss and fitness plan JUST FOR YOU based on what YOUR life is like…your day, your family, your preferences.

You see, there isn’t ONE PLAN that has the magic to wave a wand and make you suddenly fit.  You and I together will figure out the best way to balance your blood sugar with the foods YOU pick out.  Consistency is the key, and we are going to make YOUR PERSONAL BLUEPRINT something you will stick with and love and see serious results!

This is a MONTHLY plan because YOU choose the pace and progress. No pre-boxed plans here!  YOU decide how much help you want, how much coaching and accountability you want.

This plan is powerful, it’s like no other…

Let’s get started!


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