Fitness Reset 2020


We are using this 8 weeks to get back to basics so you see optimal results and can rinse and repeat for life!


The holidays will be here and be gone before we know it! How did this decade end for you? I don’t know about you but I LOVE a fresh start. Whattaya say we get a jumpstart on next year and next decade by jumpstarting the New Year?

This year is different. I have a whole food (no products to buy) program that has been proven to change your relationship with food, proven to lower your blood sugar, proven to keep hunger at bay and proven to stave off cravings…how does that sound? This is a fitness reset because it reestablishes how food behaves in your body, shows you what eat macronutrient is important for, and gives you the foundation so you never have to “restart” another fitness journey.

We will have 8 weeks together in a private FB group to exchange recipes, talk about successes and challenges, get new habits going, and celebrate!  PLUS we will be more than ready for this new decade and after eating this way for 8 weeks you will want to continue. I am at your beckon call via text and FB messenger…AND….I will be giving prizes to the 4 week measurement winner and the second half of the challenge measurement winner. I am so sure everyone will see success that I am choosing 2 winners for this challenge!

I obtained the basics for this challenge from Mark MacDonald, founder of Venice Nutrition who has brought fatloss techniques to a million women! I put the personal touches and practical applications to you from my own experience with thousands…and it is such a balanced approach you can feed everyone in your house exactly what you’re eating.  My whole family eats this way.

Normally I charge $197 per month of private one-on-one coaching, BUT you get to take advantage of the group setting and STILL have 100% access to me and the infrastructure of material that has already brought success to thousands of women for only $127 for 8 WEEKS!  That’s 66% off!!!  And it doesn’t stop there, you learn what it takes to keep this going for life (I’m going on 15 years), without being hungry and without giving up what you love. My most successful clients started on this very program! 

So what do you get?

A completely different way of eating! You will get results so quickly it will change your outlook on what you are putting in your mouth. A basic blueprint complete with DETOX week, meal ideas, water and sleep improvement ideas, exercise-at-home workouts (unless you have access to a gym, I will help with that too), food lists, personal macros, weekly check-ins, recipe ideas, and encouragement every step of the way!  At the half way point and at the end I will be giving out prizes…cash and fun swag…TBD!  This challenge makes it super important to send me your measurements because we are judging on consistency! So I have a built-in mechanism to keep you on track.  This program runs Dec 30-Feb 23

Whattaya say girl?  Let’s show up for this new year…and the next decade!


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