I am all about straight-to-the-point.

In fact, this dogma crap about sticking to one philosophy or instilling fear in clients that they HAVE to cut out this or that in order to get results…it’s just totally bogus.

We as trainers and coaches have done the masses a huge disservice by exclaiming all these spun-out, crazy ways of eating or exercising (hello, Shakeweight?!) that are not THE ONLY way to get fit….just to get some clients. Ugh!

Examples: no carbs, no sugar, food pairing, organic, gluten-free, vegan…catching on? This blog will give you the tools you need to make fatloss FIT for you, so you can (surprise!) keep it going for the long term.


You need a calorie deficit.  This is the only way to cut fat.  You also need ample protein to feed your muscles while in that deficit. This is probably no surprise, but people go overboard with supplements or packaged protein and this WILL work against your efforts if you go into calorie surplus (regardless of your food pairing or gluten free approach :O))  Next, take ample water.  It’s not a miracle, it just makes it easier for your body to shed your extra fat and nurture your muscles.  You need to strength train 3-4 days per week and work some intervals or cardio in to keep your body moving another 3x or so per week.  Don’t overthink this, just keep moving.  Yoga, walking, sprinting, jumping rope…build your heart muscle and keep your ligaments limber.

Some extras:  fiber via veggies and whole grains are awesome for fat loss, and the vitamins and minerals you get from fresh foods are irreplaceable.

…and absolutely necessary is getting your proper sleep. Lack of sleep will throw off your entire game and cravings will be rampant, appetite in satiable, and no energy for your workouts. So unplug, plan ahead, and get your ass to bed!

The shortcut is you need to stay in calorie deficit, and whatever else you do with those calories to stay satiated, satisfied, and get enough energy for your workouts will determine your success to stay with it and see the results you’re looking for!

As always, if you have any questions at all, I am here christa@fitlocafitness.com