There has been a flurry of diets over the last 50 years that exclude whole entire food groups.  This is intriguing and kinda sexy when you think about it.  I mean, by eliminating foods you can create RULES for yourself and maybe for the short term it makes dieting easier and creates sort of a comfort of predictability.  I mean, “just don’t eat bread”, right?  “Just don’t eat sugar, processed food, meat, fruit, carbs altogether”,…blah blah blah

What happens when you meet your weight loss goal and start craving some of those foods again?  Will you overeat them? Gorge on the cookies or french bread or mangoes you weren’t “allowed” to have? Live in deprivation for the rest of your life?  Ugh…too stressful.

The reasons keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, and every other “diet” that is based on “balancing hormones” work is because by eliminating a group of food you are also restricting calories.  Hear me out…

Calories and protein are really the elements that make or break your desirable body composition.  Fats and carbs, or lack thereof,  on their own are not enough to make you lean or sexy or fit.  They are really just made up of energy.  While you are dieting (cutting back calories and managing your protein intake for your size) you should enjoy your foods!  This is THE KEY to sustainable fat loss.

Now I am not saying that a diet made of solely ice cream (as long as it fits in your calories) is a terrific idea.  Ice cream is awesome! However, it isn’t really designed to keep you satiated all day for the calories it packs in.  This is why balancing proteins, veggies, fruits, and fats work so well…not all foods are calorie- or fiber- dense in the same way.  You can easily eat 1600 calories of ice cream over the course of one or two meals…but you would probably be left hungry for the balance of the day.  1600 calories of chicken, apples, broccoli, beef, almonds, coconut, avocado, salad, carrots, etc. IS, however a lot of food for the day.

Years ago I was a chronic dieter.  Once I met my goal weight I ALWAYS craved what I deprived myself of all that time I was “on a plan”.  After all, mentally you have met your goal, so why can’t you enjoy yourself now, right?  The clients I have trained who are having long term success now are not the ones that swore off carbs for months on end, or never ever touched a french fry again…they are the ones who I helped find their sweet spot of daily intake that would keep them satisfied and still losing weight.

Consistency is what works.  Do you think you can do a 3-hour workout and meet all your strength goals?  No, for sure not.  It is the week-after-week of CONSISTENT effort that pays off.  It is the same thing with fat loss…you cannot fast for 3 days and meet your goal weight.  If that were the case, we would all be fit and lean with just a few days of effort.

I hope this post is helpful to you if you have been struggling with enjoying the process of sculpting that beautiful body of yours.  Hang in there, trust the process of calories, and as always…you can absolutely reach out with any questions.  Muuuaaahhhh!