Intermittent Fasting is making a comeback! Oh who are we kidding?  It has been the talk for the last few years in the fatloss and muscle building world and now it is time to give it to you straight.  If you are on the fringe, this is for you!
I used to say that the research has shown that women should not fast for longer than 14 hours.  I have since found this to be untrue.  Fasting used to be thought to “mess up” our hormones since we are a bit more delicate than men.  We are  But fasting doesn’t affect our hormone profile as much as we once thought.
Most daily fasts are done in a 16/8 split, meaning the feeding window is 8 hours and the fasting window is 16 hours.  This is NOT difficult to do and if you want to try, I can give you lots of tips!  Just ask.
The benefits are inarguable:
Fatloss (increases metabolic rate by up to 14%)
Decreased waist circumference (not every method of fatloss does this)
Muscle preservation (no you don’t send your body into “starvation mode”)
Increase of Human Growth Factor
Decreased Insulin levels (this is HUGE)
Cellular repair
Gene expression (read: longevity)
Lower inflammation and oxidative stress
Heart tissue health, improves risk factors
May help prevent cancer, via lowering circulating blood sugars, insulin, and inflammation
Improves brain health
Alzheimer disease prevention
These are all the reasons I do it, and in the past few weeks of doing IF more consistently I have lost 1″ from my waist.  This could be inflammation, extra fat I was carrying, or some bloating but these results I cannot argue with.
Plus my head is clearer and my brain fog is GONE!  Bonus: you don’t have to plan to eat every 3 hours!  I don’t know about you, but this for me gets exhausting!
This is too good not to share.  Read up on IF on your own or hit me up with ANY questions,