Have you been hearing more and more about carb cycling?
I personally LOVE it, and think it has been the key to permanent fat loss for my clients.
The super cool thing is that there are so many ways to carb cycle, and it is perfect for the super-sensitive female body (don’t you just love being a girl? sigh…lol)
Women have a touchy metabolism, which means that when you do drastic things to lose fat, i.e. cut carbs, cut calories, detox plans, etc. your tender little body shuts down and refuses to cooperate.
This is where carb cycling is AWESOME!
Carb cycling allows you to manipulate your calories so you can keep your body guessing.  Your body won’t adapt so you don’t have to sweat a plateau (ugh!), and fat loss continues.
The ways of carb cycling are just about unlimited, but the most popular are:
eating higher carbs 3-4 days per week
eating starchy carbs around weight lifting workouts
eating higher carb at night (better slumber!)
alternating low and high carb days throughout the week
alternating high carb weeks with low carb weeks, etc.
You get the idea.  The cool thing is you can tailor it to you!
Fun stuff!