Is this even possible?!

In our diet-mentality world, we have been taught that some foods are “good” and some foods are “bad”.  Isn’t there a space where they can coexist?  I mean what about all the beautiful French women we see dipping biscotti in cream-laden coffee tan Calirfornia actresses indulging in600-calorie  fancy Starbucks coffees?

The trick is what we do the other 90% of our time.  How are we eating the rest of the week? Or heck, the rest of the day?!

Here is a guide to get you going so you don’t feel anxious or guilty around this beautiful, abundant time of year.

What I teach to ditch the outdated dieting mentality is blood sugar balance.  In short, when we balance our blood sugar and eat the right amount of foods at the right times, we naturally drop body fat and maintain our beautiful muscle.  This is done by eating the right amounts of PROTEIN, FAT, and CARBS for our body at regular intervals. When we have feelings of guilt around certain foods, our diet brain tells us to restrict at the next meal, or over compensate with “no more carbs” or intermittent fasting for some…sound familiar?

Let’s avoid that.

The holidays (and so many other occasions) are full of abundance, extra social gatherings, and our favorite indulgent foods.  I will make this quick but effective…share this article if you know anyone who could benefit….

  1. Eat PFC balance every 3 hours up to your special meal or social gathering.  This will ensure you already have the body balance you need to REALLY appreciate your treats because your body’s needs are met.The dieting mind-set is to starve yourself before your “off plan” meal. This leads to saving your calories and using them all up at the “off plan” meal.

    This mind-set only makes you burn muscle and store fat. Your “off plan” meal is just another meal “in your day.

    Keep eating at normal meal intervals (every three to four hours) up until your “off plan” meal. This meal frequency will keep your metabolism going, which will allow your body to burn more of the excess calories from your “off plan” meal after you eat it.

  2. Make the most of your off plan meal.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely have some favorites!  If I had to forever give up burgers, pizza, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, or Greek Easter bread…well, I would definitely give up on my eating plan.  LOL It just wouldn’t be worth it.  So much of our social life, family history, and enjoyment is tied into sharing meals with others.  The trick is, I “get in and get out”.  I enjoy my planned meal and then stop and look forward to the next one.  All the metabolic damage occurs when we can’t stop eating “off plan”.   So my suggestion is to fully enjoy it, and get back on track at your next meal.


3. Next meal, time to get back on track. How do you do this?  By eating a 1/2 meal.  Your metabolism burns more energy the more meals you eat.  This also applies to eating after an “off plan” meal.

By eating a half meal four hours afterward, your body will work at a faster pace to metabolize your “off plan” meal, minimizing any possible fat storage.

An example would be a few turkey slices and a handful of nuts, or 1 scoop of a protein shake you prefer

Basically, any of your meal plans eat half the amount of protein and fat and remove the carbohydrates just from that meal.

4.  Stay GUILT FREE after your off plan meal. 

Guilt is a feeling associated with diets. We feel guilty because the action (an “off plan” meal) was something we were not “supposed to do” or something that we felt we should not have done in the first place.

If you eat five meals a day, that means you are eating thirty-five meals per week. If one of those meals is “off plan,” you are eating thirty-four out of thirty-five “on plan” meals per week.

That is 97% compliance! Ninety-seven percent is pretty dang awesome! My point is, you need to give yourself some slack.

Have FUN this holiday season and enjoy your “off plan” meal, and simply get back on track afterward.

If for some reason you have a couple of “off plan” meals in a week, just let it go; guilt will get you nowhere.

Becoming an expert on YOUR nutrition means accepting that you may fall off, and remembering that you have the education to jump right back on.

And that is more than most of us know…so you’re already ahead!

Any questions, send them on!  I love helping wherever I can. And if you’re looking for long term help I am definitely here as well. Happy, happy holidays!

XXOO Christa