The best place to start when you are looking to cut back on how much you eat is not to look at what you cannot eat, but rather what you can STILL eat.

Have you ever been tested for food intolerances?  It is sooooo interesting!  All the times I have wondered why I feel sluggish or why I am bloated or why my head is foggy…it all had to do with WHAT I was eating.

There is a company called Allergy Test and you can buy a kit, mail them a strand of hair, and they email you your food intolerance results!  Mine were really eye-opening…peaches, cinnamon, cream, wheat,…not what I expected, but not a surprise, either.  I was putting cinnamon in my coffee every single day!  I thought cream was really benign as well, and I used fresh cream on my fruit most of the time when I made dessert.  Well, my discomfort is gone and I have my energy back!  This is such a cool tool…

So I contacted the company and asked if I gave them a plug if they would offer a discount to my readers and clients…SURE, they said!  So here you go. Here is the link, and when you order use discount code CHRISTA20 for 20% off!  Their prices are already very reasonable, this makes this test accessible for so many of us!

So when you get your results, share them!  I would love to hear what you find out. XXOO