OhEmGee!  I am super duper excited!

So you know how you get excited about starting a fitness or nutrition plan and you SWEAR this is going to be the last time you restart your fitness focus?

But then, life is knocking at your door, the kids need this or that, your schedule gets super hectic and you inadvertently abandon your efforts?  (sigh) OR let’s say you have the best of intentions and sign up for a gym membership.  It suddenly gets hard to get there, your day gets away from you and you miss the class you wanted, or it will take too long to grab your gym bag from home and go back out to the gym. (sigh)  OR how about the diet you were all excited about, you read up on it, went shopping (spent a little over budget, but hey, it’s for your fat loss goals, right?) and now your family doesn’t like what you’re making.  OR maybe you ran out of this-or-that and now it’s too hard to substitute what “the plan” says to eat.? (sigh)

What would you think of daily fitness in a drama-free zone where you can help each other, congratulate each other, relate to everyone’s goals and things that come up in life?

This is a place where you check your ego “at the door”, where daily workouts are delivered to you EACH DAY and they are short enough where you can knock them out before you even get in the car to start your day.

This is a place where nutrition is SIMPLIFIED.  Fatloss goals are so common for all of us, and every trainer and coach on earth is trying to make a buck selling you “plans”….why not learn how to do it FOR REAL?!

This is a place where there will be fitness challenges, where you can post badges on social media, if that’s your thing, and where there is a PRIVATE GROUP (no, not public Facebook) that no one else has access to, where you can “let ‘er rip” with what’s on your mind, if you are having a struggle, or if you want to congratulate a fellow sister on her efforts…just to The Group.

This place will allow you to integrate your personal fitness tracker, so you can use your FitBit or Apple Watch…after all you spent good money on it, don’t abandon it now.

This is a place to exchange recipes, snack ideas, and ask about what people are eating on the occasions when life gets in the way.

You will also have direct access to your very own coach who will cheer you on, hold you accountable, and answer any and all questions (about anything) life-related that is weighing you down or isn’t clear from the start.

THIS is FITLOCA365. It is a portal, it is an app, and it is YOURS.

FITLOCA365 is coming and you will be the first to know as soon as it gets here.  Be ready to rock that body and #lookhotnaked