I feel AWESOME today! This will be worth it and I’ve got to stay on my toes to make it the full 21 days. A friend texted me “Just when I think I’ve got this sugar thing beat it creeps back into my head, we need like AA for sugar or something!” That’s about right. Sugar is known to work on the dopamine receptors, like drugs and alcohol…the pleasure center of our brain. So when we go awhile without it our brain and body do their best to GENTLY lol remind us that we are missing something. It’s our job to find new things that bring us pleasure…music, gym time, reading, walking, cooking, etc.

So today I feel much lighter, more energetic, I woke up much easier and I swear even the skin on my body is smoother. Maybe this detox is working! I certainly have been drinking enough water and eating yummy whole foods. I think that is key as well, at least to avoid sweets. They say is you start your day on the right track you are more likely to stay there. I mean who really wants a donut after sautéed kale and eggs for breakfast?

Don’t answer that!