So this may be harder than I thought. I guess the bottom line is that habits are hard to break. But just when my mind is over the candy/chocolate/just one cookie thing my body starts to crave it. Shhhhhhh! Take a walk, drink some water, do a workout, sit outside, have some tea, get over yourself. I feel like I’m quitting smoking! Lol And then I start to rationalize “what’s the problem with a little sugar anyway? It’s not like a big health issue or like I have to go to rehab or something”…you sure about that? LOL

Then I read all the reasons I posted in my second Sugar Blog…and I think of how awesome I am starting to feel. Yes…Day 4 and there is some AWESOMENESS on the horizon! I feel light and happy, I am less groggy, there aren’t bricks in my shoes anymore (I was draggin’ serious a$& those first few days) and I am regular. Yep. Bathroom regular. Sorry, but it’s true and if you research how sugar affects the body it messes with digestion and bowel behavior soooooo now I can say YEP…true story ???? Also as a bonus I have lost two pounds, happy girl over here.

So I think I’ll hang in there. I’m liking it.