Especially during this time of year we are out of our routine and it gets harder and harder to stick to our health plan. For that matter, there are some of us who are mobile all day for our jobs and need to be prepared for staying in balance with our nutrition so we can optimize fat loss. There are 3 places to win with your food – 1) At Home, 2) At Work 3) On the go (around town, shuttling kids or traveling).

Your MRK (Meal Ready Kit) is crucial to staying on plan and preventing the low blood sugar fast food cravings from creeping in…Being over hungry is the primary reason we gain fat. We choose the least effective foods and overeat them…driving our insulin through the roof and making fat gain our body’s byproduct. I’ve been in sales almost my entire career, and many times I had a 4 day/week traveling position and the great news is everything below you can bring on any international trips.

The quantity you bring is based on the time you’re gone and if you have access to a grocery store.

Ok let’s dive in – Check out the food items below and the tools I use to transport the food. You can find everything online or at local stores.

When I travel or know I will be out all day, I eat these foods, plus I make sure to get a PFC balanced breakfast and PFC balanced dinner at restaurants, for a total of 5-6 balanced meals a day. During my regular workday around the local area, I pack a cooler with insulated pre-made food items.

MRK Food, meal prep on the go

Protein – Zen Fuze protein powder, Chicken Epic Bars or cold meat in insulated containers

Fat – Pecans, Pumpkin Seeds and Pistachios

Carbs – Freeze Dried Strawberries + Fresh fruit once I get to a market

Meal Replacements – Zen Fuze protein powder to stay fueled, balance hormones & blood sugar, & Protein Bars (Power Crunch & Quest Bars) to use when I’m in a time crunch.

Tools – Coolers, Stainless Steel Containers, Travel Utensils, Stackable Plates & Bowls, Shaker Bottles, 2 – 1 Liter Hydroflask for H20 ( I fill up right after security), small coolers and carry-on insulated bag

Everyday Supplements – AM/PM (Multivitamin/Mineral) and Omega 3 Fish OilT

There you have it, a starting blueprint to unlock your MRK’s full potential! Focus this week on raising your MRK Game and choose the foods you like best, and take your MRK to the Next Level!

And if you want even more MRK info or suggestions, drop me a line!