Who Am I?

I am Christa Povec, CLC, IBNFC certified nutrition coach, life coach, and fatloss expert I am also a sales professional who knows what it’s like to travel weekly and run a household with two kids who play sports. Through it all I have maintained my health and fitness for the past 10 years and would like to help you do the same. When we take control of our health we perform every task at a much higher level.  We sleep better, play better, and we are ready for life better!  And it is not difficult, it just takes a shift with consistency and a personalized plan. I’ve got them all ready for you!

Why remote coaching?

Oftentimes we are so busy that even a trip to the gym or the supermarket will send us into a tailspin.  I personalize your “get fit” Lifestyle Nutrition experience for you, taking into account your carpools, your girls’ nights, your kids sports schedules…this way I can tailor-fit your workouts, your menus AND simplify your life for you in ways you may not see.  I am EVEN certified in nutrition for your little athlete.  If you would like a quick session to chat about how to make them feel at their best on the field, let’s talk!

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