I just looked at my last post and realize how much has changed in the past year! I was initially trained to help people balance their blood sugar with balanced macros to lose fat, so when keto took off…at first I was a naysayer, but I have to admit when it is done with whole clean foods, it can actually be very beneficial for the right person.

I took off so much time from blogging inadvertently, as I started my MBA program and didn’t realize what a time suck it would be!

I spent some time eating keto, as some self experiementation, only to be pleasantly surpised at how great I felt. I do better with lower carbs anyway and love the mental clarity, decreased body fat, and better sleep. To me keto has been a great way to keep my carb cycling in and enjoy simpler foods, without worrying too much about peaks and valleys of energy or take too much time food prepping. This is why when Carnivore hit the scene, it spoke to me!

Labor Day weekend it occurred to me that eating Carnivore may be a great way to keep things simple, keep my macros in check and not even worry about carb cycling. With school and working full time otherwise, this was a no-brainer. AND my husband was up for the challenge too.

So for the past 80 days we have been eating meat, almost exclusively. There is always dairy and some processed meats in there once in awhile for more flavor, but basically for me I have been mostly eating steaks (awesome protein/fat ratio) and chicken thighs. Hubby likes it because he has never been much of a vegetable eater anyway, so once I told him he can get away with eating meat only, he was all in. I have still had the occasional salad when out to eat (“you want how much steak, ma’am?”) but have stayed on track.

I haven’t changed my body composition too much. Hubby has lost a few pounds, which keeps him motivated to stick with it. It is sooooo easy! Of the women I follow who are eating Carnivore, I have not necessarily noticed a body composition that makes me want to pursue eating this way forever. What I mean is, I believe I can accomplish my goals with the carb cycling I have done in the past that has worked so well for me. Now that I have a bit of extra time I can plan out meals for myself that are more cohesive to building muscle. I noticed eating Carnivore that when I changed my training to a hypertrophy method, I got some serious cravings for sweets throughout the day. This tells me I probably needed more glycogen from carbs. I have not ever been a huge carb eater, but my muscles definitely wanted something more. So I am taking this as a sign. I will probably always feel safe having an all meat meal, as long as my daily macros fit my training, but I am always game for trying things out and body optimization.

If you are willing to do some experimentation, Carnivore can sure be fun. It works really well with a low intensity, low impact exercise plan and it is pretty effortless. It is also the ultimate elimination diet. No dairy, gluten, processed garbage to get in the way…For me though, I truly find my sweet spot with carb cycling and I am really glad I took time away from it to appreciate it more.