My 21 day Sugar Free Challenge is ending in 7 days. What I have learned is that I can do anything I set my mind to…that some of my eating habits come because of triggers which I have learned to side step and handle (win!)…and that I feel amazing without crap in my body! What a surprise, huh?

This is helpful because we look at sugar as so benign, I mean you don’t really need a support group for quitting sugar by itself. There are groups like Overeaters Anonymous that offer support for various eating habits but many of us wouldn’t walk in there for our candy cravings on their own. And yet sugar is EVERYWHERE! So to rid our bodies of it and the cravings that come from it takes some diligence and consciousness. But it is most definitely worth every second! Okay, let’s be honest I probably wouldn’t say worth every second for the first couple of days…whew, that was rough. But the investment is necessary.

So my skin is tighter, I lost 3 pounds so far, my energy is way higher, my allergies have subsided, my digestion is back on track and my hydration is more consistent. And that is just with two weeks of staying away from sugar…I think it is worth the effort. After this challenge I will still take sugar treats like my favorite dark chocolates for what they are–treats. But it isn’t worth the daily intake or every other day I was using it. I feel much better now.